API Login

Stands for Application Programming Interface. Along with the Transaction Key, this is required to set up an Internet connection between your e-commerce site and payment gateway.

A company making it easier for businesses to accept secure, online payments.


Batching Orders

the act of grouping different/multiple orders into one batch.

Bing Ads

An alternative to Google Ads.


Capturing Payments

Once an order has been submitted, the payment for it must be captured before it can be processed Billing Details section, in order to capture the payment.


This is where consumers will place items they wish to buy. It is also possible to build a cart for a customer. These two terms are interchangeable.


A company offering cloud-based payment solutions for businesses.

Control Panel

Our built-in order management system, it integrates with your warehouses and vendors to give you insight into costs, logistics, and website performance.

Core Tax

Core charges are a form of deposit paid until and old part is returned. In Settings, it is possible to allocate sales tax towards the core charges if the dealership requires it.


These can be created in the Settings section of the Control Panel and are fully customizable.



The homepage of your Control Panel.


A domain is a website address, owned, purchased, and registered by your dealership.


Fixed Shipping

An additional cost, displayed separately from standards shipping rates, intended for items that are considered overweight or over-sized. Dealers have the ability to edit this cost.


These are used to show orders which require review. For example, an order may be suspicious or customers may have a question about their order.


Google AdWords/Ads

AdWords helps you grow your consumer base by using select keywords (note: as 6/24/2018, Google AdWords will be renamed Google Ads)

Google My Business

Works to keep your local listing updated, helping you stand out among similar businesses in your area.


IP Address

Internet Protocol address. Every computer is assigned a numerical value as a form of identification.


Local Pickup

This setting is optional and allows consumer the option to pick up their order at your warehouse rather than having it shipped to them.


Monthly Performance Snapshot

The area on your Dashboard featuring colored infographics populated from reports data.



For internal use only, these can be added to an order at any time. They also include transaction details from the Payment Gateway.


These come in three colors: Red, Orange, and Green. Red indicates a warning notification, while Green means the order is clear of issues.


Payment Gateway

A company, such as PayPal, through which consumers can securely submit online payments.


The global leader in online payment solutions.

Policy Page

Contains your privacy policy in regards to how personal customer information and cookies stored on the site. All Policy Page changes must be submitted to SimplePart before they will be implemented on the site.



These are intended to help you determine areas for improvement or change.



Search Engine Marketing - a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.


Search Engine Optimization - the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or page in a search engine's unpaid results. This is often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.

Shipping Carrier

Typically USPS, UPS, or FedEx; this is the company you use to ship your products to consumers.


a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution for eCommerce retailers.


The area on your Dashboard featuring colored infographics populated from reports data.


A sub-domain is part of the larger domain or DNS hierarchy.


Tax Rates

These will depend on your state of residence. Additional states may be added as necessary, but only one can be designated as the Primary.

Transaction Key

A 16-character alphanumeric value randomly generated. Along with the API Login, this is required to set up an Internet connection between your e-commerce site and payment gateway.



Stands for Uniform Resource Locator, this is the address for a webpage


VIN Message

This message - included in the checkout process - ensures the customer is purchasing parts for the correct vehicle.


Wholesale Module

An optional add-on which provides your customer real-time discounted pricing on products.