Setting up Gmail Account

Correspondence is an important part of e-commerce, which makes it even more important to have a backup Gmail email address. Once you create a Gmail Account, we can link it to your client file, and/or any Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter Accounts we create and manage for you. 

Tip - make sure the email address you choose is unique to your online parts website and your dealership. 

  • 1. Click here for the Google Gmail sign up page.

    2. Complete Gmail account information.

    • For “First Name,” use dealership name (Ex. DupreesNissan). For “Last Name,” use OnlineParts.

    • For “Username,” create something dealership specific, similar to this:

    • You will also need to create a unique password. Please be sure the password does not contain any mention of names or words used in the email address you created.  

    • Birthday and Gender can be anything.

    • Mobile Phone is not required.

    • Please set your current email address as

  • 3. Once you have established the Gmail account for your parts website, contact SimplePart Support at 404-520-7640.

 Additional instructions on creating a Gmail Account can be found here.

Tip - You will have access to all Advertising accounts established with the Gmail Account you create.