Measuring Success

Gross Profit and Sales Volume are significant indicators of a well-performing business. The SimplePart Control Panel makes it simple to track metrics important to you, while offering additional performance reporting to help monitor the success of your online store. 

In the SimplePart Control Panel, up-to-date numbers for both Profit and Volume can be easily found. You’ll also see many other essential statistics to track your progress, such as Conversion Rate, Return on Ad Spend, and Total Visitors.

The Control Panel screen makes it easy to view these metrics. The reports available to you help keep track of a number of factors on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis so you can accurately gauge the success of your online site. 

In the middle of your Control Panel landing page, the Return on Investment (ROI) for your business’ ad spend budget is prominently displayed. This number will update daily (showing the rolling 30-day average). Your target ROI will depend on your individual business goals.

Within the Reports section of the Control Panel, there are four main reports we recommend frequently checking. The first two are Paid Performance by Week and Paid Performance by Month. 

These reports track Cart Conversion Rate, Average Basket, and Orders per Day, in addition to other metrics, on a weekly and monthly basis. If you’re taking advantage of SimplePart’s marketing features, you’ll find these especially helpful. 

If you’d like to see an overall view of how your e-commerce business is doing, glance over Gross Profit by Week and Gross Profit by Month. On these reports, you’ll see Gross Profit per Order, Visitors per Day, Total Gross Profit, and multiple other performance indicators. 

Tracking these numbers can give you a substantial look at the performance of your website and let you know which areas (such as Conversion Rate) need your attention.

If you have questions about how Control Panel can assist your business growth and development, or about any of the reports in your Control Panel, you can always email our 24/7 Support Team at, or call us at (888) 843-0425.