How to Adjust Labor Units

Underneath a product’s image and name, you will see two buttons displayed. The smaller black one, marked with a paper/pencil icon and a plus (+) sign, will add the product to your list, while the larger one on the left with the product number listed inside of it (marked in the below image) will take you to the product page.

Most of the information on this product page is set by your manufacturer, such as product size, specifications and labor units. You are now able to adjust labor units from their default value, in case an add-on or accessory requires more or less labor to install onto a vehicle in addition to the labor rates listed. 

When you first go to this page, the field will be filled with the default value set by your manufacturer. Fill in with the appropriate labor units for installing the specific part on a customer’s vehicle and click the Update button to refresh the cost of the add-on or accessory.