Your Guide to: Onboarding

After you’ve made the decision to sign a contract with SimplePart, you start a very important process—Onboarding. Once our Sales team passes your information on to our Setup team, they can begin the process. To start, they’ll need the contact info to the accounts payable at your dealership, your parts manager, and your IT department. Our team works with them in the following ways:

  1. We direct your IT department on how to point your site to your new SimplePart domain.

  2. We discuss the different payment options available with your Accounts Payable department. They’ll receive info on the payment companies we work with and how to sign up with them. Once they pick one, a member of our Setup team will send them the proper application to get your payment gateway account created. 

  3. Once the payment information is setup, a member of our team will do a screenshare with your billing office so we can plug all your information into our system and make sure all of your accounts are ready to go.

When these steps are finished, a member of our Setup team will contact you to set up a date for your training. During your training, we typically use the program Teamviewer which allows us the ability to control your screen to show you how your site works and how to perform basic processes, including:

  1. How to process an order

  2. How to capture a payment

  3. How to process a refund

  4. The various fraud verification checks in our Control Panel

  5. How to update your settings

  6. How to navigate the site as a customer

  7. Setting up your ShipStation account (if applicable)

Once you’ve completed training with a member of the support team, not only will your e-commerce store be set up and ready to go, but you’ll have the knowledge you need to successfully run it. However, our support team is always available at  or by calling 404-520-7640, if you ever need a refresher.