Updated Articles

  1.  EP. 1 – Get Started with SimplePart

    In this video, we'll review some of the basics of the SimplePart platform, as well as some topics that will be covered more in-depth in the upcoming videos.
  2. How to Create a PDF Brochure

    PDF Brochures give you an easy way to showcase your newest models at a dealership, as well as some of the best-selling products. Easily create a customized brochure featuring any models or products you wish to draw attention to in your showro...
  3. How to Create a Magic Pocket

    The B2B platform makes it easy to create and print customized Magic Pockets (also known as Monroneys) for vehicles. These sheets allow you to show what the costs of optional accessories and add-ons will be for specific vehicles.  After choo...
  4. How to Create Price Tags

    If you have specific add-ons or accessories you’d like to draw attention to in your showroom or at the parts counter, you are able to print custom price tags with detailed information about each item. After choosing a product on the B2B pl...
  5. How to Create Quote

    Within the B2B platform, you can generate a custom quote and calculate financing for items in a selected list and then print or email the customer a copy. After you’ve created a list on the B2B platform, you can access the Quote fields by cli...
  6. Volvo Welcome Packet (Part 2)

    Start fulfilling orders fast with this introductory operations guide.
  7. Volvo Welcome Packet (Part 1)

    Get your store online quickly with our easy onboarding guide.
  8. Volvo Dealer Toolkit

    Optimize your store’s day-to-day operations with this practical guide.
  9. Reading Control Panel Reports

  10. How to Adjust Labor Units

    Underneath a product’s image and name, you will see two buttons displayed. The smaller black one, marked with a paper/pencil icon and a plus (+) sign, will add the product to your list, while the larger one on the left with the product number ...